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Success Stories


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"The changes you see are purely due to eating better/clean...I learned how to use food as fuel and find balance in my eating habits. Most importantly - it’s SUSTAINABLE. All thanks to @the_danplan ..hit him up"

-Becky, marketing

what is

the dan plan?

The Dan Plan is a lifestyle program that teaches members how to make simple, healthy choices and easy to prepare meals in order to achieve optimum health and long term, sustainable results. 


You are provided an individualized plan of food choices and portion sizes based on your weight goals and body needs. 


You will receive continual support every step of the way — and you will see results.
Dan will personally guide you, answering all questions and providing feedback for every meal choice.


As an added benefit, our community will support you with their shared commitment to health and success with the Plan. 


Members are encouraged to participate in group accountability, and ask unlimited questions
This is not a starvation diet or a magic bullet. 


The Dan Plan is an attainable and sustainable lifestyle program that includes nutrition and movement.

Get support and feedback posting questions and daily check ins— both from Dan and The Dan Plan community.


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